Melbourne University Kendo Club

Melbourne University Kendo Club

"The concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character
through the application of the principles of the Katana."

Melbourne University KendoKendo (剣道), translated literally means "the way of the sword". Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art based on traditional swordsmanship. Kendo is challenging both physically and mentally, combining traditional martial arts values and modern sporting elements. Kendo is fast, noisy, sweaty and sometimes even a little bit smelly.

MUKEN trains on Monday evenings from 5:30pm, Thursdays from 5:00pm in The University of Melbourne's West Stadium.

Latest MUKEN News

    posted on: Sunday 4th June 2017 , 9:37am

    Second squad training of the day: building up our hara with hotpot. Watch out for some strong taiatari from us on Monday!

    posted on: Friday 2nd June 2017 , 3:06pm

    Had our women's training today and sadly, one of our members is leaving soon. This will be her last female training so we gave her a farewell gift called enjin keiko <3

    posted on: Sunday 21st May 2017 , 3:29pm

    posted on: Saturday 20th May 2017 , 1:48pm

    Earlier today we held the 9th annual Muken Taikai with a total of 75 competitors. It was a long day, but filled with really exciting matches and spirited Kenshi looking to show their best kendo! Here are the results from today: Beginners Division 1st. Aaron Vo (MUKEN) 2nd. Peter Chang (MUKEN) Equal 3rd. Nicky Lieu & Jason Square (both MUKEN) Junior Kyu Division 1st. Gorden Luong (Monash) 2nd. Chengyi Lin (Fudoshin) Equal 3rd. Alejandro Pastore (Rmit) & Sam Day (MUKEN) Senior Kyu Division 1st. Gorden Luong (Monash) 2nd. Genevieve Borley (Monash) Equal 3rd. Harry Chow (Mbk) & Duncan Pilcher (Fudoshin) Junior Dan Division 1st. Jamie Shen (MUKEN) 2nd. Levi Garard (Mumeishi) Equal 3rd. Thang Nguyen & Yaya Bong (both MUKEN) Senior Dan Division 1st. Richard Ten (MUKEN) 2nd. Kota Ikeshima (MUKEN) Equal 3rd. Vincent Laiwin & Jeffrey Khor (both MUKEN) Fighting Spirit Awards Nicky Lieu, Genevieve Borley, Levi Garrard MVP: Wooga, thanks for the awesome meal! Well done to all competitors! A big thank you to all shimpan and volunteers who helped out and allowed us to run this event smoothly!

    posted on: Tuesday 16th May 2017 , 9:42am

    Last weekend, we had our annual training camp with fellow Kendoka from Monash and Ballarat. We had around 80 participants join us across both days! (Yes... We apologise for all the noise we made in the wee hours of the morning) It was a fun, albeit tiring weekend! The beginner members successfully completed their first consecutive 1000 suburi cuts :) Well done all! We hope everyone has learnt a lot during camp and are keen to join us again next year!

    posted on: Monday 15th May 2017 , 9:53am

    A dinner to celebrate our victory (hopefully)!! Everyone welcome to join! It's going to be 25 dollars per person. As usual, please click going if you're intending to attend (not just interested). RSVP by Wednesday, 17th May. Please leave a comment if you have any dietary requirements. Seats are limited so if you RSVP late, you might have to sit on the floor XD.

    posted on: Thursday 11th May 2017 , 6:04am

    Congratulations on getting free pizza!

    posted on: Tuesday 2nd May 2017 , 2:17pm

    MUKEN welcomes its new committee of 2017! Thank you to the outgoing committee for their help the past year! President: Cheryl Low Vice-president: Son Nguyen Secretary: Nicky Lieu Treasurer: Victoria Chow Armourer: Jason Square Social Rep: Aaron Vo IT Officer: Takeshi Hartono Publicity Officer: Jeffrey Khor General Rep: Yu Wen Lim, Peter Zhang, Amelia Ding, Jamie Shen Half of the committee members are beginners from last year! Looking forward to the year ahead with these hot blooded young kendoka! 🔥👊

    posted on: Wednesday 22nd March 2017 , 8:44am

    UPDATE*: Dinner has been booked at Gami on Lt Lonsdale street for 8:30pm. It will likely come down to about $18 a head (: It is that time of year again where we put down our shinais and attempt to bowl... Attempt. SO HERE WE GO AGAIN! You are all cordially invited to partake in Muken's first social gathering of the year! It will take place on Friday 31st March, starting 6:00pm, at Strike Bowling Melbourne Central ($20/pp). Afterwards we will dine. Please inform us if you'd like to join us for just the dinner! Everybody is welcome! If you cannot bowl, fear not, no one in Muken can. It will be lots of fun and a great chance to get to know each other; so please RSVP before March 27th by clicking "Going". :D :D :D :D :D Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

    posted on: Monday 6th March 2017 , 1:32am

    Over the weekend, some of our members participated in the annual Nagae taikai and some attempted their grading! It was a busy weekend but I'm proud to announce that all our members performed really well in their respective events! Daniel Jeong won first place in the competition and all our members passed their grading examinations! Congratulations everyone!