Melbourne University Kendo Club

Melbourne University Kendo Club

"The concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character
through the application of the principles of the Katana."

Melbourne University KendoKendo (剣道), translated literally means "the way of the sword". Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art based on traditional swordsmanship. Kendo is challenging both physically and mentally, combining traditional martial arts values and modern sporting elements. Kendo is fast, noisy, sweaty and sometimes even a little bit smelly.

MUKEN trains on Monday evenings from 5:30pm, Thursdays from 5:00pm in The University of Melbourne's West Stadium.

Latest MUKEN News

    posted on: Sunday 20th August 2017 , 11:32am

    MUKEN will be hosting the 3rd Inter-University Taikai which is open to ALL university students from any Kendo club. The purpose of this taikai is to prepare students competing at the Australian University Games (AUG) in September and also to encourage a healthy competitiveness between uni-aged kendoka in Victoria - providing practice not only to shiaisa but also young shimpans. When: 9th Sept, Saturday 11:30-5pm Venue: West Stadium, Melbourne University Sports Centre Cost: $5pp Registration can be done via this form ( and payment should be made to our club's bank account BY 1st September. Please include your name and 'IUT' in the transfer description (e.g.; Jeff H IUT). Commonwealth Bank Acct name: University of Melbourne Kendo Club BSB No: 063238 Acct No: 00903203 Those who would like to volunteer for shimpan duty can register here ( BY 4th September. Shimpans must be shodan and above, and have attended at least one shimpan seminar. A schedule and format will be sent out closer to the date. However, interested participants should expect to compete in both an individual and team division, similar to the AUG format. Divisions in the AUG are separated by gender and Kyu/Dan grades. Once again, ANY student of ANY university from ANY club can compete. You will be representing your university instead of club for this taikai.

    posted on: Monday 14th August 2017 , 12:09pm

    Over the weekend, 38 Muken members woke up really early in the morning to eat banh mi and sleep in Victoria Uni. More importantly though, we participated in the annual Victorian Kendo championship - an event we all have been anticipating and training really hard for. We achieved excellent results that reflected every member's efforts, the senseis' patient guidance and the support we gave one another throughout the entire campaign. (Please see photo for results) Also we can't forget to mention the 4 beginners - Saint, Risa, Kevin & Seven who competed at their first vkc and performed outstandingly! Well done! Thank you to everyone who trained with us and helped us grow as kendoka. We will aim to come back bigger and stronger every year!

    posted on: Saturday 12th August 2017 , 7:37am

    First time (in a while?) that we've had so many competitors at the Victorian Kendo championships! All 38 in total - such a nice sight to see! Great work to everyone who competed today, and to our volunteers and supporters as well! FIGHTO FOR TOMORROW EVERYONE!!!

    posted on: Sunday 30th July 2017 , 9:58pm

    Bogu himo

    posted on: Sunday 23rd July 2017 , 10:34pm

    Over the weekend, Fujiwara sensei, a 7-dan instructor from Japan and an old friend to many, visited us for keiko. Thank you for training with us and we hope to see you again soon!

    posted on: Thursday 20th July 2017 , 1:03am

    Come visit us at North Court from 11am-3pm! We will also be doing a demo at 1:30pm! 😄😄

    posted on: Sunday 16th July 2017 , 11:41am

    Lots of great shiai was seen at the 2017 Otsuka Taikai at the Kenshikan Dojo on Saturday. Well done to all participants! Winning Team: B. Jefferson (BKC) D. Huang (MBK) J. Gray (Tora) Runner up: D.T Jong (MBK) S. Day (MUKEN) J. Jason (MUKEN) Fighting Spirit Award: N. Lieu (MUKEN) Thanks to everyone that helped organise this event or came to support our members! Photo credits: Su Su Khaing

    posted on: Friday 30th June 2017 , 10:10am

    Went to the Namwon competition venue for the welcome Keiko today! Quite a few countries up there!!

    posted on: Monday 26th June 2017 , 10:16pm

    For those beginners thinking about buying bogu here's a pretty good FAQ. Online websites include: Tozando International Sankei Online kendo Alljapanbudogo Feel free to ask seniors about their experiences/advice.

    posted on: Monday 26th June 2017 , 3:40am

    Visited Chosun university today - one of the strongest professional uni teams in Korea (also where Daniel sensei trained). They were the champions of the most recent Universities' kumdo competition. Incidentally, students of this uni can also take kendo as an official subject!!! How cool is that?